The Process of Promotion – My Recent Book Signing

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The Process of Promotion – My Recent Book Signing


As we approach the 100th anniversary of Fatima this weekend, I find myself hard at work increasing exposure for the book — which is why I recently met up with the iSynergy team at their office for a book signing.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sending those exclusive signed copies to industry thought leaders across the nation, in hopes that they will find the novel’s theme of interconnectedness intriguing and inspirational. If pitching to the media is anything like pitching to a batter in the MLB, standing out from the crowd is a requisite for success.


Working with an Agency

For me, this is the value of working with a digital advertising agency. Not only have we increased reach for the book, but we’ve also developed a dynamic marketing strategy to promote the book in various channels.

The industry has changed quite a bit since I was VP of marketing and broadcasting for the Cleveland Indians, but the energy from a good brainstorming session never gets old. It fascinates me to discuss diverse marketing strategies and then see what resonates with readers. Even more so, having a team that is as dedicated to the success of my novel as I am makes the entire experience that much more meaningful.


Food for Thought

This weekend we celebrate Mother’s Day — honoring matriarchy and motherhood. Is it a coincidence that this coincides with the anniversary of Fatima, as we examine the meaning of those supernatural events and put to question if motherhood could deliver worldwide brotherhood?
In honor of the anniversary this weekend, I encourage you to step back and reflect on the idea of coexistence and understanding. I believe in some ways, the world today is just as conflicted